As You’re Falling Sarina Valentina (drum track only)

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  • Duration: 3:48
  • Uploaded Date: 27 Aug 2012
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The old e.p. recording of just the drums for Sarina Va…
Check us out on Itunes!

The old e.p. recording of just the drums for Sarina Valentina.
As Your Falling was formed in 2011 from the splitting of two bands; Aspersion and Behind These Lies. We are a Hardcore band that incorporates aspects of Metalcore, Deathcore, easy core as well as the occasional acoustic song.
Connor Kendrick is the lead vocalist, while Kelvin Beyioku and Kieran Vidago provide backing vocals, Bass and Guitars. Joe martin is the Drummer as well as our Producer.
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Sarina lies just inland of the east coast of Queensland, 34 kilometres (21mi) south of the city of Mackay, and approximately 300 kilometres (190mi) north of the city of Rockhampton. The Bruce Highway passes through the locality from south to north, as does the North Coast railway line.

The town of Sarina is located on Plane Creek, which flows into the Coral Sea, but most of the urban development is on the northern side of the creek. The Bruce Highway and the railway line pass through the town, which is served by the Sarina railway station.

The neighbourhood of Oonooie lies 6.8km south of the town (21°28′00″S 149°13′59″E / ) and is the name of a former railway station on the North Coast line, which was named on 29 April 1915, reportedly after a principal clanswoman of that area.