Сколько зарабатывает anny cooper на youtube?


Belgium — residence, Russia — homeland

Anna Cooper is a blogger from Belgium who hasRussian roots. The girl writes her posts exclusively in Russian and puts out videos in a language that everyone understands to us. The thing is that Anna Cooper is a Russian girl who went to Belgium for permanent residence. At the same time, she often visits her homeland, visits her family and friends.

Several years ago, Anna began to actively exhibittheir photos and videos and in a short time managed to acquire a large army of followers. More than 50 thousand people are imbued with the looks of a pretty girl, with great pleasure watching her life and communicating with her. It all started with the divorce of Anna and her husband. Then she wanted to share her experiences with strangers. On her Youtube channel, she posted a video where she told everyone about the parting with her beloved and about the fact that she was gaining extra pounds because of the depression. I asked for advice from people, and they responded, because there are millions of sensitive women in the world with similar stories. So a new life began, where Anna Cooper is a blogger and a celebrity. A life in which many know it and no one knows.


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Лента новостей

  • 1858: Родился в рабство в Роли, Северная Каролина.
  • 1877: выходит замуж за Джорджа Купера.
  • 1879: муж умирает, и Анна становится вдовой в 21 год.
  • 1887: Начинает преподавать математику и латынь в подготовительной школе.
  • 1891: Участвует в еженедельном салоне «Субботний круг» или «Субботние ночи» чернокожих вашингтонцев .
  • 1892: Издает «Голос с юга, сделанный черной женщиной с юга».
  • 1892: вместе с Хелен Аппо Кук основали Лигу цветных женщин .
  • 1893: Совместно ведет активистку против линчевания Ида Б. Уэллс с Фредериком Дугласом и Люси Эллен Мотен.
  • 1893: Становится единственной женщиной, избранной в Американскую негритянскую академию.
  • 1893: Присутствует на Всемирном конгрессе представительных женщин и читает доклад под названием «Интеллектуальный прогресс цветных женщин в Соединенных Штатах после провозглашения эмансипации».
  • 1900: Присутствует на Первой Панафриканской конференции в Лондоне, читает доклад под названием «Проблема негров в Америке» и присоединяется к исполнительному комитету.
  • 1901: Становится второй темнокожей женщиной-директором средней школы М. Стрит.
  • 1925: Получает докторскую степень в Парижском университете, покупает дом в парке Ледруа, начинает проводить ежемесячные мероприятия «Les Amis de la Langue Francaise».
  • 1929: становится вторым президентом Университета Фрелингхейзен в Вашингтоне, округ Колумбия.
  • 1940: Становится регистратором Университета Фрелингхейзен и ведет занятия в своем доме в ЛеДруа.
  • 1964: 27 февраля Анна Дж. Купер умирает в Вашингтоне в возрасте 105 лет.

Who are bloggers and other famous personalities on the Internet?

The motto of the 21st century is communication and openness. People get acquainted, conduct conversations, have fun, watch photos and interesting videos, put their likes on the liked publications and transfer word-of-mouth the received information in a network. And who is behind all this? Who are these people, whose lives are watched with such enthusiasm by a huge number of folovers, in other words, subscribers. The answer is simple: these are bloggers, Vainers and Yutubers. Then another natural question arises. Who are these same bloggers and other famous personalities on the Internet?

A blogger is a person who leads a page insocial media. There he talks about his life, every living day and step, supporting stories with quality photos and short videos. In the 21st century such a dialogue with strangers around the world became very popular and in demand. Weiner is a person who shoots a short video of a humorous focus in only about 6 seconds. The sketcher differs from the previous one in that the recording can last 20 seconds or more. Of course, without a sense of humor, they will not succeed. Well, and youtube is the one who uploads his videos on the same resource.

Anna Cooper: the biography of an honest blogger

When a person has many admirers, then questionscomments can not be avoided. Subscribers are becoming interested, and sometimes it’s even vital to know everything about your idol. To hot fans do not throw the blogger an abundance of different conjectures and assumptions, he arranges live broadcasts, where he talks with fans, talks about himself and answers questions. Anna Cooper is always happy to communicate with people, because, as she herself noted more than once in her commercials, the desire to become a blogger appeared due to a lack of communication.

She was born in 1980 in Kaliningrad. In this city, her childhood and youth passed, she graduated from school and got friends. The man that Anna Cooper misses madly is her best friend Lena Savelieva, who still lives in her home city of a beauty blogger. Sign of the zodiac — Leo. Has a daughter, divorced. Height — 169 cm, weight — 60-61 kg. Is a fan of Russian TV series: «17 Moments of Spring» and «The meeting place can not be changed.» She loves Russian rock: the band «DDT», Boris Grebenshchikov and «Nautilus Pompilius». Do not mind listening to Rammstein and Depeche Mode. He loves Johnny Depp and Vanessa Parady. Goes to the gym and was able to lose weight by 15 kg, which I gained after the divorce. All these and many other details of her personal life, Anna Cooper shares with her subscribers, without concealment and frankly.

Here she is — Anna Cooper, photos show her attractive appearance.

Straight talk is always in vogue

Among the female population are very popularbloggers who express their opinion about cosmetics, fashion, diets. Those who openly talk about their lives and views, show their life, answer the questions of the folovers, ask them for advice, in a word, be friends with subscribers. These bloggers are not afraid to be ridiculous, to show on their faces annoying acne or imperfect figure, and after a time to show off the results. Many girls and women have similar problems, bumping into such blogs, they get answers, compensate for the lack of communication. It is much more pleasant and easier to consult about a diet or to tell about your complexes to a stranger than to a close person who will certainly assure that everything is in order and there is no cause for concern. One of these girlfriends is a stranger in the Internet world wide web is Anna Cooper.

The most important qualities that any blogger should have

  1. Frankness. Of course, no one will want to tell the story about himself and his loved ones, and to call to it is meaningless. But a blogger will never attract followers if to invent something or, in general, to deceive. Truthfulness and frankness are the key to success.
  2. Clear speech and a good diction, in case it’s a video blog or a video. Such qualities are no less important than the slogan of long-standing television advertising: «Fresh breath facilitates understanding.»
  3. Good quality pictures and video. No Internet user will become interested in watching bad photos, let alone wait for the continuation.
  4. Stress resistance. Without this quality, it is difficult in life for any person, not just a blogger. The network is full of «good» people who do not stand on ceremony with anybody and are very harsh in their statements.

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